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Arthur Porter is an accomplished attorney, great civic citizen, father of four and loving husband. He is also an accomplished vintage racing car restoration specialist and vintage racing enthusiast.

Since presented with his first vintage racing car by a client who couldn’t pay his bill more than two decades ago, Arthur has been hunting down, locating, restoring and racing vintage racing cars, especially BMWs and most especially the cars of his teenage years, the BMW 3.0 CSL. With in this Web site are some examples of the cars Arthur has rescued, restored and raced. He likes to think of the process as his own special type of therapy.

Restoring an old and tired vintage racing car is both art and science. Present day vintage racing expects both performance and concours condition, in the same car. It is a much different process to restore a forty year old car that will be used at high speed under constant stress and strain than it is to spruce up an old Packard for boulevard cruises.

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